the story

In 1995 we had a perception of painting and decorating that didn't fit in with the status quo. We love to be creative, we love the fact that colour can evoke feelings, memories, appetites and much more. Back then beige was in and anything too far outside of that was we decided to be dangerous. Introducing new colours, textures and products to an otherwise neutral pallet experimenting with lime washes, stone paint, milk paint, polished plasters and anything we could source.

Since the turn of the century we have been leading the lime based plaster movement. This art form originated with the Egyptians and later adopted by the Italians as an affordable substitute for marble and other precious stones. Centuries later with years of research and improvements we now have the most luxurious products available Moroccan Tadelakt, Japanese Otsumigaki, Italian Marmorino and Grassello to name a few, all have their own characteristics and their ecological benefits are boundless. 

We are founding members of Resene Eco Decorators and have maintained a rating of 93% one of the highest in New Zealand. We strongly believe that the environment is part of our collective responsibility, by using low VOC paints and water based where ever possible and conforming to rigid waste management and recycling programmes. We use only the best paints and plaster from reputable companies that stand behind their warrantees.

We're a company that prides itself on producing a high quality finish as you are only as good as your last job!  We understand the strict timelines of the modern construction industry and have developed time management systems to suite. We are members of Sitesafe and all our staff are trained in best practise health and safety. We work on a quote system for every job and unless there are variations to the contract that have been agreed upon then the quoted price is the price you will pay.

We hold the philosophy that the painting and decorating of a project can either make or break it and it is our name on the line so we will invest 100% of our skill and experience to make your project is a winning one.


RED Fashion & Beauty Division Winner 2018 "Ashley Allen" St Lukes

Resene Construction Northern Region Interior Winner 2017 "Casablanca Restaurant Westgate"

Resene Construction Northern Region Special Project Winner 2016 "Nando's Flagship" Queen Street

Resene Construction High Distinction 2016 "City Works Depot" CBD

Resene Construction Business Achievement  Winner 2016 

RED Retail Supreme Award Winner 2015 "Tooth Co" Smales Farm

RED Retail Award Winner 2015 "Hallenstine's" Queen Street

Resene Construction Northern Region Interior Winner 2015 "Red Hot Yoga" CBD

Resene Colour Maestro Award Winner 2011 Residential Exterior "Bourke House" Matakana

Resene Colour Maestro Award Winner 2010 Commercial Exterior "Goat Island Marine Centre" Goat Island