Venetian Plaster 

Venetian plaster is a broad term pertaining to the use of Lime and Marble based render applied to walls and ceilings surfaces. Historically Venetian plaster is produced from quarries in Italy,  the Limestone is superheated and crushed to make a powder that is mixed with selected Marble powders, natural binders and water constituting a fine paste. These paste's or plaster are then applied by skilled Artisans with the use of stainless steel trowels in multiple layers and compressed as it cures to form a thin veneer surface of Lime and Marble.

At Pilkington Interiors, whether you needs are commercial, residential, or retail, we've got you covered. We excel in providing our customers with a quality focussed Artisan polished plastering service. We will provide all the advice you need and supply sample boards for you to keep in your space to see how the changing conditions effect the look and feel of the finish. We work with our clients throughout greater auckland and further afield to ensure that their specialist plastering needs are met.

Venetian and Clay plasters act as a natural dehumidifier and air purifier as part of its life cycle, the plaster calcifies over time becoming harder by feeding off the carbon in the air therefore removing CO2 from the immediate area. It also has the natural ability to absorb humidity from the air creating a dryer environment and then releases it back to the air in when the temperature rises to help control the ambient temperature and humidity of the space.

Natural Lime & Clay PLASTER

If the subtleties of nature are what you require then Natural lime & Clay plaster are perfect in their simplicity. These beautiful Lime based plasters will bring a room to life. Recreating the look and feel of natural limestone this hard wearing plaster can be applied to produce a smooth luxurious or aged timeless finish. Available in a range of colours or we can create a colour just for you. 


Textured plaster based in Lime, Clay or Acrylics are not restricted to the exterior walls, we have stunning plasters that can be installed with texture, movement and visual impact in mind. Rough or smooth to touch and reflecting light at differing spectrums these finishes can add depth and drama to an otherwise plan surface.


If you are looking to bring Light, Reflection and Glamour into a space then polished plasters are for you. Polished plaster combines marble and a very fine filtered lime paste it is applied by a stainless steel trowel in multiple coats and polished to a mirror like reflection. Polished plasters are available in a vast range of colours and precious metal tones like gold and silver so you can add the wow factor to any wall or ceiling space.


Is an incredibly versatile coating composed of fine aggregate cement, resins and minerals. It can be used on walls, ceilings and floors providing a lightweight alternative to solid concrete. Applied in thin layers up to a thickness of 3mm it is water resistant much like a traditional grout and when combined with protective two component water based sealers becomes a watertight solution for showers and wet areas. Micro cements when applied by skilled artisans can give a range of traditional plaster finishes with unrivalled strength and impact resistance making them ideal for the commercial arena.


If you need something out of the ordinary then let us know. 

We can mix a combination of plaster products and application techniques to obtain a one of a kind individual look for your project, we will work from your vision to create a finish that is something truly exceptional.